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A person can become a US citizen by;

Birth: applies to people who have been born in the US regardless of their country of origin or
those born overseas but one or both parents are US citizens

Naturalization: for one to be naturalized, they must meet certain conditions and fill form N-400.
This applies to lawful permanent residents who would like to become citizens

Derivation: this applies to children born outside the United States to parents who are US citizens
or any child whose parents naturalize before they attain the age of 18.

Citizens enjoy certain rights that others can’t like extended stay abroad, filing petitions for their
relatives to join them in the US, and actively participating in elections. At our firm, we help you
secure your citizenship through naturalization by determining your eligibility, guiding you on
issues that might affect eligibility like extended travel, and we also represent you in all matter
pertaining to the naturalization process.

Naturalization requirements
  1. Be a permanent resident for the last five years or 3 years if you are married to a US
  2. Must be a lawful permanent resident and above 18years of age at the time of application.
  3. Must meet the continuous residence and physical presence requirements
  4. Comply with selective service registration
  5. Maintain good moral standards with no brush with the law
  6. Show attachment to the principles of the U.S constitution.
  7. Have the ability to speak, read and write English well and pass the government, history,
    civics exams.
Special cases where naturalization is accelerated
  • A spouse of a US citizen with lawful permanent residence can naturalize after 3 years
    instead of the normal 5 years if they meet all the legal requirements.
  • Any person who acquires a lawful permanent resident status as a VAWA(battered spouse
    or child) applicant may apply for citizenship after 3 years in the United States
  • Lawful permanent resident minors below the age of 18 years under the care of their US
    citizen parents can become citizens derivatively.
Naturalization process

Start by filing the naturalization application form N-400 and attaching the supporting documents
required. Soon after, the candidate will be slated for a biometrics interview at the USCIS offices.
This happens between four to six months after submitting the N-400 form. The person takes a
citizenship test and if approved, they make an oath of allegiance to the United States.