It’s been two years since Trump came up with the travel ban and the stories are no longer being highlighted in the media, yet thousands of families are adversely affected. So many people have been denied the right to be with their family members without a valid reason. The travel ban was imposed on seven nations namely Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, and North Korea. Five of these nations are Muslim-majority. More than half of those affected come from the war-torn country of Yemen.

While the news outlets and a majority of leaders stay silent on the issue, attorneys like Julie Goldberg keep faith alive for these innocent victims of bigotry showcased by the current administration. Parents, spouses, and children of American citizens are being kept away from their loved ones, and no definitive explanation is being given. The defense for their actions is always that they are trying to keep America safe. Safe from whom? Three-year-old children hoping to reunite with their parents? Spouses longing to be with their partners? Nationals from the highlighted countries have not in the recent past committed any act of terrorism on U.S soil. So why the discrimination?

Julie is extremely passionate about securing justice for all that are unduly denied their immigration rights. So much so that she set up an office in Djibouti in 2015 to see the situation first hand and help as many people as she can. In January 2017, she filed a lawsuit in the U.S District Court in Los Angeles to grant Yemeni nationals with valid visas permission to fly to Los Angeles International Airport. This was after the State Department issued numerous rejections to people who had had their visas approved earlier. Hundreds of Yemenis were escaping the hunger, death, diseases and political instability in their countries and were looking forward to being with their loved ones in the United States. No explanation was given for the rejections but thanks to Julie, the court order prevented the state department from cancelling valid immigrant visas that were already granted.

Julie’s clients are mostly U.S citizens with family members stuck in these politically unstable countries. All they want is to provide a better life for their spouses and children, but some of their cases have been pending for over ten years with no hopes for approval. It has always been Julie’s desire to fight for justice and equality for all, and that’s why she has continuously taken on cases that might seem hopeless to others. In her 15-year career, she has been able to win awards and has argued her cases before the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 9th circuits.

Julie Goldberg and associates is your best choice when it comes to an immigration law firm that takes your cases personally. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get reunited with their loved ones. If you are facing delays, discrimination, or any sort of injustice, we will be there to defend your rights and ensure justice prevails.